What Does Your Credit Score Offer You?

What Does Your Credit Score Offer You - McCormick-Smith Services LLC

Credit….We all have it but what are we using it properly. Monitoring your credit score is key. It helps to determine your future in many cases. Please evaluate the following credit score ratings and see what your credit future holds.

Excellent Credit 720+ – Allows for the best interest rates
Good Credit 680-719 – Gives decent terms from lenders and allows refinance for better terms on an existing payment schedule
Average Credit 620-679 – Minimum credit score that still allows you to get fair loan terms
Poor Credit 580-619 – Offers credit with higher interest rates
Bad Credit 500-579 – Very high interest rates (almost double those of consumers with good credit scores)
Miserable Credit Less than 500 – Almost impossible financing, seek credit counseling immediately

Get your free credit score yearly by visiting www.annualcreditreport.com and review your credit and remember to take care of your credit because it hold the key to your future.

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