Small Business Tip of the Week: Useful Business Apps

Running a business requires wearing many hats, and at times that can become very difficult. Luckily, now we live in an age where technology is king and we can use it to our advantage. Now you can go and download a million and one apps on your phone to help you, but we’ve found some that we’ve discovered are very useful and effective in helping entrepreneurs:Finances:
• Gusto: Streamlines your company’s entire payroll, tax, and benefits process. It even reports new hires to the government, handles all local, state and federal tax filings, automates deductions for benefits and workers’ comp payments, and emails digital pay stubs to employees.
• QuickBooks: Helps you run the business and provide a full sense of your company’s financial health. You can track sales and expenses, view financial statements, pay employees and vendors, and much more!

• Skype: One of the most effective and popular video conferencing platforms. You can transmit photos and files of any size, share your screen, call up to 25 people and send text messages.
• Slack: An instant messaging platform that allows you to organize team conversations, as well as archive messages, notifications, or files.

Time Management:
• My Minutes: Helps you set goals to stay grounded. For example, “spend only an hour checking email; work out for 30 minutes, etc.”
• OmniFocus: Shows you what’s due and when, reviews completed tasks and syncs between your phone and desktop.

• Evernote: Allows you to sync notes across mobile and desktop devices.
• Trello: Easy-to-use project management app that tracks your team’s workflow

• PayPal: Lets you link your credit, debit, and other banks accounts to your PayPal account to make paying people and getting paid quick and easy.
• Square: Provides users with a portable card reader that attaches to your phone that allows users to take fast and convenient payments.


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