Small Business Tip of the Week: Networking tips

Networking goes hand in hand with running a successful business. But many of us dread walking into a room and introducing ourselves to a bunch of strangers. Here are some tips on networking effectively and working through your fears:
• Resist the urge to arrive late: As a first attendee, you’ll notice that it’s calmer and quieter, and people won’t have settled into groups yet.
• Ask easy questions: To get the conversation started, simply walk up to a person or a group, and say, “May I join you” or “What brings you to this event?”
• Ditch the sales pitch: The idea is to get the conversation started. People are more apt to do business with people whose company they enjoy.
• Smile: By smiling, you’ll put your nervous self at ease, and you’ll also come across as warm and inviting to others.
• Share your passion: Win people over with your enthusiasm for your product or service.
• Don’t hijack the conversation: Look people in the eye, repeat their name, listen to what they have to say, and suggest topics that are easy to discuss. Be a conversationalist, not a talker.
• Remember to follow up: Get in touch within 48 hours of the event to show you’re interested and available, and reference something you discussed, so your contact remembers you.

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