Small Business Tip of the Week: Email Marketing

Email marketing provides small businesses the opportunity to build on connections made with potential customers, establish loyalty and strengthen relationships with current ones, and to advertise and sell to those customers also.
Email marketing is cheap and you can do it yourself, especially for entrepreneurs just getting their start. This form of marketing targets your ideal customer, and is usually more successful for businesses than most other marketing.
Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating email marketing campaigns:
• Be creative: Take into consideration the overall design of the email, images you use, colors, fonts, etc.
• Relevance: Target the people you want to reach with information you KNOW they want or need. Even personalizing them can help to draw a customer in and keep their attention.
• Incentive: Offer the recipients something to encourage more responses, and also to make people feel like they signed up for your emailing list for a reason.
• Timing: Don’t send out emails overnight. You want to send it when you know they are going to look at it at it and engage.
• Integration: Make sure your emails carry the same image, message, and timing of your overall marketing mix.
• Landing Page: turn those emails into sales conversions and show them exactly what you want them to do or where you want them to go.


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