Personal Finance Tip of the Week: Cut Holiday Party Costs by Hosting Jointly

The holidays are a tough time of year financially for some. We want to do so much and create so many great memories, but often lack the funds to be able to do that. One of the easy ways to ease the financial burden is to do things jointly with others.

Yeah, we know your family drives you crazy, but maybe team up with a few relatives to host a great holiday party for the family. Or how about teaming up with your friends to host a holiday gathering as well. Less of a financial hassle for you, while still being able to enjoy the holidays. Now once you’ve picked your dream team to host the party with, here are some other frugal tips you want to consider for the party:

• Send out invitations online or through social media. Don’t waste your money on snail mail!
• Take up a potluck approach to the actual food at the party. You could provide the main course, and everyone else can bring the sides and dessert.
• Less décor is more! Sometimes all you need is a Santa hat and some mistletoe to get the point across! The dollar store usually has some of the best decorations.

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