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Administrative and
Additional Services

McCormick-Smith Services, LLC can assist you with your administrative needs. Why hire an extra employee when we can help at little cost to you.

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Bookkeeping Services

We use our education, training and over 15 years of experience to assist our clients with their bookkeeping tasks. We offer a variety of bookkeeping services for a wide range of business types.

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Payroll Services

As your business grows, so does the responsibilities of payroll. Allow our team to accurately and efficiently handle your payroll processing allowing you time to focus on business operations instead.

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Tax Services

We use a combination of knowledge, training, and experience to ensure your return is done right the first time and in accordance to the standards established by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

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Small Business Start-Up

We can help launch your business by providing current and future entrepreneurs with knowledge and guidance in starting and getting your business up and running.

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