Opportunist or Opportunistic: What type of entrepreneur are you?

I had a inspirational conversation with a fellow entrepreneur/business owner and she reminded that there are some who are in business who are opportunist and others who are opportunistic. Her words reminded me that not every entrepreneur is the same.

www.inc.com defines opportunist and opportunistic for use as follows:

One is an opportunist: He boards possibility after possibility but jumps ship when the business gets tough or when another possibility appears to offer brighter prospects.

The other is opportunistic: He stays the basic course while capitalizing on ways to improve his products and service. He never looks for the quick buck.

As a business owner, and even in life, take the time to determine if you are an opportunist or opportunistic. It can help you to determine how successful you will be in the future.

Opportunist or Opportunistic - McCormick-Smith Services LLC

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