Have You Evaluated Your W-4 Withholding’s Lately?

In the course of a tax year, there are many changes that may occur in your life. To help reduce possible unexpected tax bills, here are few changes that may impact your tax deductions and credits:

1. Changes in your job
2. Having a new baby or adopting
3. Marriage or divorce
4. Obtaining a second job
5. Dependents that can no longer be claimed
6. Buying or selling a home
7. Changes in retirement or college savings contributions

If any of these changes have occurred or expected in the current tax year, please consider completing an updated W-4 form and submitting it to your employer. A blank W-4 form can be found on the Internal Revenue Service website under Forms and Publications or can be provided to you by your employer. Preparation is key.

Have You Updated Your W4 Form Lately- McCormick-Smith Services LLC

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